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Vehicle Videos

Infuse your Site with Multi-Media Tools

VehicleVideos are proven lead-generating Internet videos created either by I/O COM or you, the dealer, utilizing our voice-over video technology and high-quality, eye-catching vehicle photos.

Sell More with I/O COM VehicleVideos!

  • VehicleVideos are identified for quick viewing by a special video link on both your I/O COM inventory browsing and vehicle detail pages.
  • Creating your own VehicleVideos using our online Video Manager is as simple and easy as talking into a microphone. The VehicleVideos System builds your video automatically.
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Compare and Decide

  • Dynamic impact
  • Voice-over description
  • Multiple photos of the vehicle
  • Automatically arranged in an easy-to-view movie
The Competition
  • Static text
  • One still photo
  • No multi-media

For effective vehicle videos that generate leads, the choice is simple: I/O COM

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Sample VehicleVideos:

Dealer Vehicle Video 1  Dealer Vehicle Video 2  Dealer Vehicle Video 3
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