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SEO & Traffic Analysis

Website Statistics with Google Analytics

Do you know how many people visit your website? Do you know if your bought-and-paid-for banner ad is producing any results? Do you know what pages on your site are the most popular? Get instant answers to these and many other important questions with Google Analytics.

Search Engine Optimization

Let our engineers build your dealership a custom website with unique footprints to optimize your indexing, plus:

Dealer SEO Search Engine Google Yahoo Bing
  • All I/O COM sites are built to be search engine friendly with the latest technology
  • Meta titles, descriptions and key words are installed at the time of site installation.
  • Detailed site-maps are created for indexing, including franchise current models, if needed, and detailed links of the individual site pages plus an exclusive listing of indexable sold units.
  • Registration service with Google and Google Places.
  • Standard service includes automatic set-up with Google Analytics to track and measure site activity
  • Optional video technology to enhance your vehicle, plus we send every video to YouTube for help in search engine indexing.
  • Optional mobile technology custom sites designed for all Android, iPhone and similar devices for additional leads. Runs on our high-speed servers for optimal viewing and can be built to your specifications, with site traffic monitored via Google Analytics.
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Statistics and Analytics

Google Analytics Graph
  • Hundreds of traffic statistics
  • Detailed search engine marketing information
  • E-mail alerts upon user-definable events
  • Pay-per-click campaign tracking
  • Personalized homepage dashboard with multiple statistics and graphs
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Real-Time Website Statistics

Dealer Website Visits

See instantly:

  • How many hits (page views and unique visitors) your website is receiving by hour, day, week, month, quarter and year
  • How many different people visit your site
  • Here your traffic is coming from: search engine placements, search terms from SEO, links from other sites, or other sources, and
  • What pages are frequented the most
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Search Engine Marketing Reporting

Dealer Website Stats
  • Track which search engines and keywords drive the most traffic
  • Google Analytics provides keyword analysis to use for SEO
  • Search engine placement analysis generates search engine marketing reports
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Traffic Analysis

Dealer Website Vistor Sources
  • See how visitors navigate within your website
  • Track repeat visitors from pay-per-click campaigns, such as Google's Adwords and Yahoo's® Search Marketing
  • A first line of defense for the identification of fraudulent clicks, including e-mail alerts and notifications based on user-defined thresholds for click fraud
  • Graphical analysis of traffic trends
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Historical Reporting

Website Vistitors Map
  • Statistics about who's visiting your website, the countries, states, and cities where they live
  • What hours of the day (and night!) people traffic your website and when bottlenecks occur
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Advertising Analysis

  • See how many orders were placed by marketing campaign, search engine placement, or other search engine marketing techniques
  • Provides cost-per-click analysis
  • Seamless integration with Google's Adwords
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