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Lead Management

Lead Management System (LMS)

VehicleTools™ LMS is designed from the ground up for success-focused dealerships and salespeople. The LMS isn't a product for organizations that are pursuing total organizational change, but rather a product designed to complement the way you have been doing business for years and the way you do business, today. The LMS doesn't require your people to adopt major cultural change to use it. With our LMS you will process more leads and sell more cars.

Dealership Lead Management Software

This high-performance LMS product is rich with features and delivers a wide assortment of sales tools to dealership personnel. It's careful design focus doesn't reinvent your existing DMS, but rather offers an extensive suite of tools to manage leads, handling and distribution, marketing communications and lead organization. It's the perfect complement to your existing software.

Six Answers to "Why VehicleTools'™ LMS?"

Dealer Sales Leads
  • Frees you to focus your work on your most important leads
  • Makes dealership-wide professional level e-mail communication possible
  • Aggregates all leads
  • Manages sales floor conflict between internet and walk-in/BDC customers
  • Accelerates lead distribution and follow-up
  • Enables background management monitoring of sales to customer communiqués
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LMS General Features & Functions

  • Private, locked-down instant messaging with dealership and to customer support
  • Real-time updates for user settings and preferences, including e-mail footer
  • File card, and spreadsheet-formatted reports based on single or multiple filters
  • Multiple source sales lead ingestion – all your leads in one place
  • ADF/XML format compatible, custom “parsers” created as you need them
  • Handles non-formatted incoming sales leads
  • Phone “ups” and walk-ins may be entered and automatically checked against internet “ups”
  • Real-time alerts from customers who are contacting you
  • 48-hour alerts for customers who have not answered you back
  • Personalized online letterhead autoresponder with on-off capability
  • Manual lead entry: automatically checked against existing leads
  • Incoming leads checked against existing leads and salesperson assignment
  • Manual lead entry: automatic form fill via telephone number reverse lookup
  • Visual, MS Word™-like rich e-mail interface
  • Real-time, on-demand lead data back up download
  • Private, locked-down instant messaging with dealership and to customer support
  • Includes: FAQ section for answers to common questions
  • Note: Works best on Microsoft® Internet Explorer®
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Features & Functions For Sales People

We help sell cars
  • 24 pre-written sales letters
  • Offline composition and storage of unlimited e-mail templates
  • Direct links to dealership new and pre-owned online inventory
  • Complete online calendar application included
  • Uptrack™ – the visual sales lead management tool
  • Broad spectrum search-ability for finding lead records fast
  • Condensed and expanded “file card” view of leads
  • Condensed and expanded print format output
  • Lead aging display
  • Alerts for orphan leads, responses, and non-responding leads
  • Lead auto-responder E-mail (plain text or online letterhead)
  • Personal lead view and “all leads” view to review dealership-wide assignments
  • Lead “Status” and “next action” settings
  • Printed traditional worksheet view for printing upsheets
  • Pre-formatted E-mail view for printing to letterhead and mailing
  • E-mail trail history display
  • E-mail attachments capability
  • Unlimited E-mail template storage
  • Online Letterhead template provision
  • Complete trade-in information storage
  • Deleted lead recovery
  • 24 pre-written sales letters
  • Broadcast E-mail application built in for mass opt-in mailings of plain text or html E-mailings
  • Automated insertion of personalized salutations in broadcast e-mail
  • SSL encrypted customer credit application information storage
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Manager Functions

  • Multiple salesperson comparison performance graphs for managers
  • Lead assignment by source for salespeople
  • Lead assignment for web, or non-web only or both for salespeople
  • Lead assignment settings by new cars or used cars or both
  • Lead assignment by lead source for salespeople
  • Round-robin lead assignment ratio setting
  • Lead distribution: manual, round robin, with or without manager
  • Manual override of automatic lead assignments by designated manager
  • Salesperson graphical performance reports - filteredreports filtered by data
  • Sales lead and sales source reports with date and data filtering
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