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Photo / Data Collection

Vehicle Photo and Data Collection Service

The most important aspect to online lead generation is how you present your inventory. That's why we make sure every vehicle photo is appealing and all vehicle data is meaningful and complete-so you can sell more.

VIN Decoding

Dealer VIN Decoding Service
  • All VIN scanning is guaranteed to be accurate and used to obtain the primary vehicle data: year, make, model, trim, etc.
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Manual Inspection of Options

Dealer Photo-Data Gathering 1 Dealer Photo-Data Gathering 2
  • I/O COM field technicians record vehicle options manually. They collect, prioritize, and present only the essential data that helps maximize lead generation.
  • Manually collected options help ensure highest quality photos and meaningful vehicle data collection that sells the vehicle.
  • Your customers won't see any confusing, insignificant options, such as carpeting or clocks. (Leave these to your competitors, while you keep generating leads!)
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Vehicle Photo 1 Vehicle Photo 2
  • We maintain the highest photographic standards with every vehicle. Only the best image quality designed to optimize your most valuable asset, your inventory.
  • Our field technicians use only professional-grade digital cameras to capture multiple exterior and interior photos of each vehicle.
  • All vehicles are staged to get the best exposure and angles-from the outside to the inside.
  • Special photographic equipment and software enhances images that catches the customers' eye and increase the likelihood they'll buy.
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Regularly scheduled update visits

Hand Shake
  • Our field technicians work closely with your new and used car managers to assure an accounting for all inventory.
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Custom Window Stickers

Window Sticker
  • Each is custom designed by our graphics experts, then printed and applied by our field technicians.
  • Four-color gloss laser printing ensures sharp, crisp customer appeal. Any window sticker can include optional QR Codes linked to inventory on your mobile website.
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  • Same-day updates to I/O COM servers
  • Full integration with your website
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