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Websites for Mini Dealerships

I/O COM has been designing and building Mini dealership websites for years. We understand many of the different rules and restrictions Mini has in place for it's dealer websites. I/O COM makes custom Mini factory compliant websites. Our Mini websites are designed to comply with all of Mini's rules and regulations. The rules of what Mini requires for their dealer's websites change all of the time. Because I/O COM has vast experience and working with franchise dealerships, we can make your website work not only for Mini, but also for your dealership.

We feel that every Mini dealership deserves a unique online identity. Many of our competitor's website can only offer "Cookie-Cutter" designs for Mini franchise websites. The problems with "Cookie-Cutter" websites are: they're cheap, lacking features and often users experience lots of problems with the website both visually and the usability. Mini dealers, I/O COM is your solution.

Our Customer Service

At I/O COM our customers come first. We strive to make your dealership thrive, and our customers let us know, read our customer testimonials.

I/O COM provides the most competitive online lead generation tools, Mini dealer websites and Internet services. Our Custom Mini websites are tailored to your Mini Dealership's unique needs to help our dealers generate leads, and providing them with search engine visibility and increased sales. I/O COM provides Onsite and Internet services to some of the top Mini dealers in the nation. Our robust VehicleTools™ and search engine optimization puts our dealers on top in leads and sales.

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