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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Picture the Internet as a vast ocean where thousands of people have come to look for your dealership.

Beneath the surface of the Internet are huge search engines that collect and prioritize the most popular words and phrases used by millions of auto customers. SEO is like a deep-sea diver that collects these key words and phrases and then attaches your dealership's name "sends them to the surface." Like a beach ball that can't be held underwater, your dealership name races to the top of the Internet and finds the customers who want the kinds of vehicles you have.

Without SEO, your dealership can remain sunk on the ocean floor.

With I/O COM's SEO your dealership "floats to the top," the result of the I/O COM SEO's genius to sort and rank the most common key phrases and terms that appeal to current auto-buying customers.

Our SEO strategies include:

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword Authoring and GEO-Targeting
  • Title, Meta and HTML Tagging
  • Content Building

Get increased online visibility so that you'll get noticed more often by more consumers.

Once you see these results with our SEO, you'll know the I/O COM advantage:

  • Productive. We don't drown you in all the technical insider talk and details. We keep things clear and simple. We do the work so you can remain productive.
  • Personable. Our expert team is here to answer all of your questions about SEO and all it can do to optimize lead generation online.
  • Profitable. Bottom line: the demonstrated strength of our SEO techniques help more Internet traffic find you automatically. More sales-ready customers who come to you as qualified leads.

Let us show you how SEO can help reduce your advertising expenses as your dealership builds a recognizable name with today's complex Internet search engines.

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