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Imagine, for a moment, that your dealership is a world-class bakery and you've got dozens and dozens of delicious creations waiting to be displayed on the Internet.

Every minute, new and returning customers are visiting your website, mobile site and powerful portal sites like Cars.com and AutoTrader.com. And they do what all hungry people do when walk into a bakery: They check out the inventory.

Your inventory is your greatest asset for lead generation and potential sales. What can make your inventory irresistible to customers is the clear, convincing reliability of each and every vehicle's data and photos.

With I/O COM, the meaningful data of each vehicle is clear, compelling, and easy to read. Our photos of every vehicle, both inside and out, are second to none. The combination of solid data and great photos is what makes customers look, shop and buy. Once they see what they want from your inventory, it's like choosing the perfect chocolate donut or cinnamon roll and saying, "I'll take that one!"

When it comes to data and photo collection, I/O COM delivers with:

  • VIN Decoding- guaranteed accuracy and used only to obtain the primary vehicle data: year, make, model, trim, etc.
  • Manual Inspection of Options - by I/O COM field technicians who record, collect, prioritize and present only the essential data that helps maximize lead generation (No confusing, insignificant options, such as carpeting or clocks. Leave these to your competitors, while you keep generating leads!).
  • Stellar photo quality - our field techs use only professional-grade digital cameras to capture only the best multiple exterior and interior photos of each vehicle.
  • Same-day updates to I/O COM servers-plus full integration with your web site

Check out your inventory, online, right now. If you're not totally happy with what you see, and if you're not moving inventory at the rate you want, call us. Show us what you need to sell, and we'll show you how to satisfy hungry customers.

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